5 ways to boost your daily routine and make your design workflow more productive

Shoval Frenkel
4 min read

Every day we wake up, we do the same things. We brush our teeth, eat breakfast, and go to work. These actions become so familiar that they become automatic.

Sometimes, though, your routine needs a boost.

Your routine is the foundation of your work day. When you spend time tweaking and improving it, you build a solid foundation for productivity and creativity.

Here are 5 things you can add to your workflow in order to be more productive and creative

1. Daily dose of inspiration

Newsletters are a great way to keep yourself up-to-date on new products, trends, and tips.

Here are a few examples of great newsletters for designers:

Muzli weekly digest-The Muzli email digest is a short and sweet bundle of the most

popular & inspiring stuff from the previous week.

Design week-This newsletter includes some of the latest design news, op-eds, and inspiring ideas.

This week on Cargo-Cargo is a website builder especially for designers. They send their newsletter once a week, and it is insanely inspiring. It includes new website templates as well as graphic design, architecture, art, photography and much more!

2. Playlists to keep you motivated 

Music can be a powerful source of inspiration. Here are some playlist to help you get in the zone so you can focus on design.

On Spotify you can find our very own monday.com playlists, which were created especially to help you get more work done!

On YouTube we recommend you try the Lofi Girl channel. It contains a playlist and radio station with relaxing music to help you concentrate on your work. Plus, each playlist contains a beautiful illustrated animation in the background, which can be both mesmerizing and inspiring.

3. Organize your thoughts

Inspiration can be found anywhere–museums, books, parks, or even internet rabbit holes. It can be a sentence you read in an article or a shoe you find while shopping online. But, how do you make sure to remember inspiring things you only saw for a second in passing? We all know Pinterest, which is great for creating mood boards and searching and categorizing ideas. However, like we said earlier, inspiration can come in all kinds of ways, and that’s why we want to recommend a new product that will help you organize your mind: mymind. The website’s description reads, “All your notes, bookmarks, inspiration articles and images in one single, private place, enhanced with artificial intelligence. Just like your mind works. If you’re looking for something, just search for the first thing that comes to mind. A color, a keyword, phrase, a date or anything else. Your new mind will help you find it.”

4.Stop spending time on scut work and start using it to actually design

Here are some free online tools that can make your life easier.

Experte It uses a machine learning model to recognize people, animals or objects. The unique part: it works for all resolutions without registration and is completely free.

TinyPNG is a Smart WebP, PNG and JPEG compressor that works in seconds.

Coolers helps you generate the perfect palette and provides inspiration with thousands of beautiful color schemes.

Font Ninja is a chrome extension that lets you identify fonts from any website, so you can bookmark, try, and buy them.

Noun project is one of the most comprehensive icon collection in the world. It gives you free access to millions of icons and stock photos.

Pexels and Unsplash are both free stock photos and videos you can use anywhere.

5. Learn something new every day

No matter how experienced you are, all of us have something to learn. Boost your skills, learn some new ones, and keep up-to-date on new trends with some of these great platform for online courses:

School of motion provides interactive online courses and has a welcoming community to help you out.

Domestika provides a platform for expert professionals in creative fields to share their knowledge and supports one of the largest online communities for creatives.Finally, try the famous MasterClass, where you can learn almost anything, from the world’s best.

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